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Flexible and Custom-Tailored Financing Services

SBA Loan Program is not your typical Merchant Cash Advance or business term loan lender. Your business is personal to our team. SBA Loan Program can improve your business’ financial health, increase cash flow, and provide working capital for business expansion or debt consolidation. Our seasoned professionals understand complex business environments and make the application process quick and easy.  SBA Loan Program provides easy access to capital so you are able to focus on what you do best- your work!
Our mission is to give you  easy access to the working capital you need to slash your debt, expand your business, improve financial health, increase cash flow, purchase new equipment or for any business purpose—without restrictions.

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Slash your debt and experience tremendous growth with our Small Loan Advantage Initiative 7(a)

In 2013, the SBA created the Small Loan Advantage initiative loan program to help small- to mid-sized businesses get easier access to capital.  They recognized the advantages of quick, easy access to capital but also, the crippling consequences of ridiculously high fees, exorbitant rates and harsh terms of Merchant Cash Advances and some private business term loans. The Small Loan Advantage initiative program has reduced documentation requirements and streamlined guidelines, therefore making it easier and more appealing than ever for businesses to borrow from the SBA.

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Ready to explode business growth?

There are hundreds of merchant cash advance lenders to choose from, all promising to fund you quickly and easily. SBA Loan Program’s mission is to give you access to affordable capital to slash your debt, expand your business, and increase your business’ cash-flow and financial health.

Here’s how our program compares to others:

You get all of the benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance or Business Term loan…

SBA Loan Program
Merchant Cash Advance or Private Term Loan
Prequalify in 24 hours Some yes, most no
Streamlined application process
Fast funding
No prepayment penalties

…without any of the potentially devastating dangers of an Merchant Cash Advances or Private Term Loan

SBA Loan Program
Merchant Cash Advances or Private Term Loan
Front load costs


X Yes
Monthly Payments


X No
Exorbitant APR


X Yes
Guaranteed by the U.S. SBA


X No

Max loan term

10 Years

X Approximately 18 months to 3 years

 The exorbitant daily payments of Merchant Cash Advances and high rate private business term loans threaten to slaughter your bottom line. When the fees become too much to handle, many business owners try to stay above water by taking out additional Merchant Cash Advances. Unfortunately, this is a fast track to business bankruptcy.

Even if you’re currently in this situation, SBA Loan Program can help.

You’re eligible for an SLA Initiative 7(a) loan if you:

  • Operate a for profit business
  • Have been in business a minimum of 2 years
  • Conduct business in the US

Above all else, we’re committed to expanding access to affordable working capital to all businesses. SBA Loan Program takes pride in being a top choice for:

  • Minorities
  • Veteran owned
  • Women owned
  • Rural area companies
  • Designated Difficult Development Areas

Inquire Today!

Inquire today or call us at 888-982-8380

Affordable working capital in just 3 Simple Steps to Success!

Submit a simple application and see if your business qualifies. We’ll get back to you with more details in just minutes. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals!
Your loan is reviewed by our team of seasoned small business lending professionals who understand your challenges. We are ready to take your loan from reviewed to funded!
With our easy qualification process, it’s easy to access capital. Nearly 100% of our small business loans close and fund. Our team is determined to help your business succeed!
Use it to:slash your business debtincrease business cash flowincrease financial healthexpand your business

SBA Loan program offers a variety of alternative business lending options if the Small Loan Advantage is not a fit for your business. Looking for an affordable small business loan, line of credit or even short term financing with no exorbitant APR, and no front load costs?
Need money to consolidate business debts, increase business cash flow, expand your business, or improve your business’ overall financial health?
Are you drowning in Merchant Cash Advances or high rate business term loans?

So were our clients, but hear what they’re saying now:

Keith D., ProprietorMindy V., PresidentSteve MarmottTim Rhodes, PresidentBob Gordon, President
“The process was stress free and the result was exactly as I was told it would be. I am still shocked at how quickly this was completed after my own bank told me that it would take 6 weeks or more.”
Keith D., Proprietor
K&D Auto Repair Shop, MA
“The people at SBA Loan Program are amazing and very genuine. They actually care. I would recommend them for sure!”
Mindy V., President
Paper & Paint, Iowa
“We would like to thank you for all your time, efforts and caring to allow us a leg up to achieve our goals! We wish you good luck in your future endeavors! Thanks again for everything!”
Steve Marmott
RCN Telecom Services, LLC
"Thank you to each of you for the help and courtesy you gave me as we moved through the application and approval process for our SBA loan. The professional way you handled us and our efforts is greatly appreciated!”
Tim Rhodes, President
Dothan Printing & Litho, Inc.
“Thank you everyone at SBA Loan Programs and Independence Bank! What a great team you folks make to help small business like mine! My business will definitely grow and benefit.”
Bob Gordon, President
National Benefit Consultants, Inc.
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*Approvals in minutes during normal business hours. If after normal hours, you’ll get your decision the next business day.
**Loans have a variable rate of the WSJ Prime Rate plus 2.75%. The current WSJ Prime Rate is 5.50% and is subject to change. The monthly payment amount is based on the current variable rate.

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