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Why SBA Loan Program

The SBA Loan Program Advantage

Affordable Small Business Loans from Ponte Investments LLC - Growing your bottom line is our bottom line

SBA 7(a)  Program

Hi, I’m John Ponte. I connect businesses with the affordable working capital so they can get away from merchant cash advances and other high cost business debt, expand your business, increase business cash flow, and experience tremendous growth.

affordable small business loans

After 30 years of investing and building businesses from the ground up, I recognized two major challenges all business’ face:

  1. Business owners need fast, easy access to capital without the lengthy process and red tape of traditional loans.
  2. The only options for quick funding are Merchant Cash Advances and business term loans. These potentially devastating loans carry exorbitant fees and high daily or weekly payments.

With the SBA 7(a) loan program, we offer quick, easy access to affordable small business loan programs, without the exorbitant fees associated with Merchant Cash Advances and business term loans. With our fast and easy application process, borrow the money your small business needs from the SBA small business loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration provide your business with a low rate financing solution.

Want to explode your business growth?

There are hundreds of lenders to choose from, all promising to fund you quickly and easily. having seen and experienced first hand the difficulties in finding affordable working capital, I’ve made it my mission to give you access to affordable capital you need to slash your debt, expand your business, and increase your business’ cash-flow and financial health.

Here’s how our program compares to others:

You get all of the benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance or Business Term loan...

SBA 7(a)
Merchant Cash Advance or Private Term Loan
Prequalify in 24 hours Some yes, most no
Streamlined application process
Fast funding
No prepayment penalties Click Here

...without any of the potentially devastating dangers of a Merchant Cash Advances or Private Term Loan

SBA 7(a)
Merchant Cash Advances or Private Term Loan
Front load costs
X Yes
Monthly Payments
X No
Exorbitant APR
X Yes
Guaranteed by the U.S. SBA
X No
Max loan term
25 Years
X Approximately 18 months to 3 years

You can see how the exorbitant daily payments of Merchant Cash Advances or private term loans threaten to slaughter your bottom line. When the fees become too much to handle, many business owners try to stay above water by taking out additional Merchant Cash Advances. Unfortunately, this is a fast track to business bankruptcy. 

Even if you’re currently in this situation,
Ponte Investments LLC can help.

Slash your debt and grow your business with our SBA 7(a) loan program

You might be wondering how we can offer this loan. Here’s the deal: In 2013, the SBA promised to help small- to mid-sized businesses get easier access to capital. In essence, they saw Merchant Cash Advances and private term loans from a 1,000 ft view. They recognized the advantages of quick, easy access to capital but also, the crippling consequences of ridiculously high fees and exorbitant rates. 

In an effort to deter business owners from making a hasty decision in favor of Merchant Cash Advances or high rate business term loans, they created the Small Loan Advantage (SLA) Initiative 7a loan. The program has reduced documentation requirements and streamlined guidelines, therefore making it easier and more appealing than ever for business’ to borrow from the SBA. Imagine if you could borrow money to refinance or purchase your location, re-stock inventory and supplies, hire additional staff, and purchase new equipment all in one loan?

affordable small business loans

We’ve taken the SLA Initiative 7(a) loan and made it even faster, easier and better.

You get:

  • Simple application process and easy qualification process
  • No prepayment penalty on loans with terms less than 15 years
  • Low monthly payments
  • Unrestricted use of funds
  • Instant approval (just minutes if applying during normal business hours)
  • Access to funds from $150k-$5mil, even if you’ve been denied by banks before 
  • Fast funding within 30 days of loan submission on most loan requests

You can use your SBA 7(a) Loan to:

  • Slash your business debt
  • Increase business cash flow
  • Increase financial health
  • Realign your business for maximum growth
  • Expand your business 
  • Buy your location
  • Restock supplies and inventory
  • And more!
Affordable working capital for auto repair

You’re eligible for an SBA 7(a) loan if you:

  • Operate a for profit business
  • Have been in business a minimum of 3 years
  • Conduct business in the US
  • Some business types are prohibited. CLICK for the SBA excluded list

Above all else, we’re committed to expanding access to affordable working capital to all businesses. Ponte Investments LLC takes pride in being a top choice for:

  • Minorities
  • Veteran owned
  • Women owned
  • Rural area companies
  • Designated Difficult Development Areas
  • SBA Hubzone

If you want quick, easy access to funds, without the exorbitant fees of Merchant Cash Advances or high rate business term loans, call us today at 888-982-8380.

With the SBA 7a loan program, you no longer need Merchant Cash Advances or high rate business term loans. Ponte Investments LLC is your trusted ally, when you need us most. Since 2015, we have helped thousands of small businesses like yours obtain affordable working capital and rescued them from the high cost merchant cash advances and term loans they had.  Don’t just take our word for it, read what our clients have to say!

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